The Faces Of Oracle 

You have seen the beautiful, intricate jewelry. You have read about the environmentally conscious manufacturing methods. Now, we want you to learn about the passion our designers and team have for this business and each and every product. Oracle is truly a heart-centered company made of its thoughtful and talented team members.

Founder image

Nick Hildebrandt

Nick Hildebrandt fell in love with jewelry making in 2014. His love for regenerative design and jewelry making led to the creation of his personal brand, Entheos Jewelry. Soon after, he connected with Sam and Santiago, not knowing that Oracle would manifest 4 years later. Nick wants to remind the world that we are better together through Oracle's design and additional collaborations with other artists to transmute ideas into wearable art.

Samuel Minton 

Growing up in Colorado, he always had a love for the mountains and the minerals that grew in them. This passion for gemstones and minerals led naturally to finding an art form involving them. Samuel studied business in St. Petersburg Florida where his path crossed with the visionary artists that make up Oracle today.

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Founder image

Santiago De La Garza 

To Santiago, Oracle represents a group of artists coming together to use their unique skill sets to create affordable mandala-inspired art. Mandalas are all encompassing, expressing the universe and our reality including suffering and joy. Constant and ever changing patterns flowing out from a center point. Different paths all leading to the same destination. Santiago hopes to help Oracle grow into something bigger than me where the world benifits from the love we have to give.

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